Training - Inhouse workshops

Let us design a "hands-on" in-house training program for your company that will focus on your training needs across various aspects of applied geology in saline geosystems or carbonate reservoir characterisation. 
(3-5 days at a site of your choosing)

What you get

Every in-house evaporite or carbonate workshop is made up of groups of topic modules. Each grouping listed in a catalogue is composed of several half-day training modules. If the clusters do not fit the interests of your company, please feel free to pick and choose the individual modules you would like in your training programme.

The topics in each catalogue are lecture-only modules and groupings centred around three or five-day course structures. Each course module is about a half-day long, and you can pick and choose which modules you would like in your in-house training. We do recommend that a couple of the more introductory modules are selected for the first day or two as this gives trainees a suitable background when undertaking more advanced modules.

Some company clients prefer a more hands-on approach, and we can design a workshop for you with this in mind.

With a little planning, a client workshop can integrate examples of the company's wireline and core data to construct a number of half-day workshop sessions devoted to the use and interpretation of such company supplied material. All such material provided will be "commercial-in-confidence" and only used by SaltWorks on a contracted "as-agreed" basis.

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