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Our new online course is all about compiling and giving a well-designed and well-organised scientific or technical talk. It's aimed at postgraduates and professionals in the business of getting their points or conclusions across in various technical settings, like scientific symposia or in-house workshops and seminars. It's for the technically versed interested in innovation, facts and concepts, and not so much for marketers or salespeople.

The course and its contents evolved out a series of graduate and postgraduate courses by Dr. Warren, focused on improving scientific communication skills. He's successfully offered these courses across more than 30 years in industry and academia, at the graduate and postgraduate levels and in the many consultancies he's given to Saltwork's clients.

Interestingly, when he gets together with former students, they tell him that his communication skills course was one of the most valuable courses for developing skills that are most useful in the workplace. Much less critical were his postgraduate courses in saline geosystems.

It's not a design course, although it includes elements of design. The prime focus is on how to get your point across in a competent, professional fashion.

The course is now part of our advanced online offerings, self-paced, and comprises a series of instructional videos and chapters or course notes (pdf), each expanding on the videos' content. There is also a set of illustrative exercises and several additional videos, further expanding on the concepts discussed in the video module.

But before you give up $49.95 to enrol, try it out. Watch module 1 - An overview, right now — it's live and linked on this page. Then, go to the course landing page via the link below. Once there, you can review additional video content in module 4. It's also free, and then decide if you want to part with $49.95.

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Technically Speaking

Effective scientific and technical presentation

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