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What is it?

As part of moving Saltworks training online, we've set up a " Salty Matters community space”. All enrolled members can use this secure online space to upload dates and links to relevant conferences, field courses, talks, training courses, interesting outcrops, core or seismic, etc. But, more importantly, we would like the community members to use the community board as an open forum to discuss all matters related to Saline Geosystems. Discussion topics can be geological, geophysical, biological, extraterrestial and so on, anything involving evaporites and brines. 


We don't know about you, but we am sick and tired of all the extraneous and irrelevant daily fluff that clutters the occasional professional item in our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds. So, we will attempt to keep out the financial advisors, personal trainers, life coaches, political pundits, dating services, pet photos and places to be seen and all the other ephemera that now makes its way into what used to be interesting professional sites. We think the degradation of the online scientific communities happened when specialist groups were opened up to paid access, generating an excellent payment funnel for the social network providers.

We plan to moderate who accesses the Salty Matters board, as we want to prevent all the bumf that now makes it onto our various social feeds from spoiling the board. 

Our sole motto in moderating the Salty Matters community board is;
"If it ain't salty, it ain't relevant."

If you upload bumf, you get one friendly email warning. Do it again, and you are removed from membership. We’re not moderating to censor content, other than making content relevant to all matters salty.


 Content is broad but always salty

Salty Matters community content is scientific, not social or blatantly political. The board is not designed to facilitate blatant self-promotion or complaints about life, friends, or university administrators. The only self-promotion you will achieve on the Salty Matters community board will be based on your scientific contributions, questions and postings. There will be no HR promoters and no job listings; nor can you tell us about the beautiful new position you have, how happy you are with your years in the company or university, or photos from your last company or university social event. There are a plethora of existing social networks and job sites for that type of posting.

It’s free but private

Membership is free and available to everyone. Membership of the Salty community allows you to post or upload relevant content, copy materials from what’s on the various topics or interact with all members. Or you can set up discussion topics or ask questions of other bulletin board members.

Although membership is free, you will have to enrol a minimum of with your email address and name. We need an email for all members to keep the site relevant and bumf free. If we open participation to everyone viewing the community page we cannot control content relevance. 

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