Workshops and training options 

What you get 

Every evaporite or carbonate workshop is made up of groups of topic modules. Each grouping in our catalogues comprise several half-day or full-day training modules. If the listed training clusters do not fit the interests of your company, you are free to pick and choose the individual modules you would like in your training programmes.

Our current topic groupings are centred around three or five-day course structures. Individual course modules are either half-day or day-long. For a broad introduction to saline geosystems, before getting into specialist program modules, we recommend that participants undertake a couple of the more introductory modules in the first day or two of a course or workshop. This gives trainees a suitable background when undertaking the more advanced modules.

To review the breadth of the topics we offer across saline geosystems, download one or both catalogues or get in touch via the links below.

Some company clients prefer a more hands-on approach in-house, and we can design individualised workshops for you. For example, with some planning, a client workshop can integrate examples of the company's wireline and core data to construct several half-day workshop sessions devoted to using and interpreting such company-supplied material. All such material provided will be "commercial-in-confidence" and only used by SaltWorks on a contracted "as-agreed" basis.

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The way we run our courses?

All training modules and topic grouping are run into your corporate offices anywhere in the world as secure ZOOM or Microsoft Teams-based programs.
Currently, many companies on our client list prefer the remote training option. It means you save on travel costs and days out of the office for participating employees and teams. As the relevant topic is presented, you preserve a one-on-one relationship with the trainer. Specific questions and information subsets are addressed as the course is taking place. It all takes place in the time zone of your choice, either in your centralised office or across various office sites worldwide.
The three-day course can be run in a three-day block or spread over three weeks, with participants devoting a day a week to the class.

Our three or five-day courses cover various aspects of applied evaporite and brine geology in saline geosystems or carbonate reservoir characterisation. Most companies prefer a three-day course.
You control all our courses and workshops and can choose any training options from our course catalogues. Or, we can design a "hands-on" in-house training program centred on a set of your specific training needs.

Let's discuss training options
Zoom® or Teams® based?

Traditional on-site training

Courses run in this mode mean the trainer and the participant come together at a training site and in training facilities of your choosing for a three or five-day course. This is often the preferred mode for companies that maintain corporate training centres. In this mode, the trainer comes to you at a site and time you choose.
Our traditional in-house courses will run for three or five days at your chosen site.

Course catalogs

Self-paced online learning

We are now running an increasing number of our popular courses online. There you can choose what you want to learn, at the pace you want to absorb this new knowledge, either at your workstation, on your smartphone, or in the comfort of your home.
By signing up for a no-obligation free preview of any of our self-paced courses, you can access selected videos illustrating the style and content levels of the course.

Our online courses

Download a course catalog

Want to talk it over?

If you want to chat about various course contents, options and pricing, then schedule  a Zoom meeting at a time that suits.

Technical consultations

If you choose this paid option, you can talk over technical matters with John Warren, or seek advice on a technical issue in most aspects of saline geosystems.
All technical appointment and discussions are run as a Zoom meeting (video and audio with screen sharing).

Or send an email to get more information on possible course timing and content?

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